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“I retained Christopher Brown for my DWI Charge in Binghamton. Chris did a great job with my case and I was able to avoid a DUI conviction.

-Brian L., Client 

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New York DWI & Car Insurance.

The effects of a DWI and Car Insurance is certainly a major issue in DWI representation. While everyone Insurance company is different, I have outlined the common ramifications in this article. A conviction for Driving While Intoxicated as Felony or Misdemeanor will...

Time Limits and NY Rules on Dog Bites

The Dog. Man's best friend, sometimes bites people. Here's what NY State Law says about Dog Bites. Time Limitations The allowable time period to file a lawsuit in New York is referred to as the Statute of Limitations. For Dog Bites & many other personal injury...

DWI? Should you really refuse the Breath Test?

Consequences of Refusing Chemical Test in NY. Many of our clients don't really realize the damaging effect that refusing the breath test can do in New York State. A common myth is that refusing the breath test is the best strategy, but in many cases it is a poor...

Few are Taking advantage of the NY criminal sealing statute

Surprisingly less than 1% of people (with eligible convictions) have taken advantage of sealing the record. New York State's Criminal Justice Records show that less than 1% of people eligible to seal their criminal record have done so. The recent law, passed in 2017,...

Benefits of a Traffic Lawyer.

Traffic Tickets happen to everyone. Whether you got caught for speeding, failing to signal, were involved in an accident, or even got a ticket for making an illegal U-Turn on the highway (everyone's done it), a good traffic lawyer can save you time and money. The...

Drug Possession Lawyer. Get real results from a former drug possession criminal prosecutor..now focused on criminal defense.

Drug Possession is legally complicated. Explain? Call the best drug possession lawyer in New York. lawyer to get answers. In New York, drug possession can does not solely mean that a controlled substance was found in your pocket. Under the NY Criminal Procedure Law...

Dog Bites & “The Law”

My own very neighbor recently was bit by a dog, so I'm writing about the most recent developments in Dog Bite injury Law. In NYS, a dog bite lawsuit is tougher than most states because to win your case you must prove that the dog had a prior bite/attack or otherwise...

New York is heading to stricter laws on Drinking and Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking to lower the legal blood alcohol concentration limit to .05%. At the moment, .05% is much below the legal limit of .08% for the crime of Driving While Intoxicated under New York State's Vehicle and Traffic Law...

Interested in Sealing Your Drug Offense. Here’s the “How To”.

Seal your conviction for a possession of a Controlled Substance or Marijuana in New York. Aside from the "10 Year Sealing Statute" that NY State now offers, drug convictions can be sealed another way. Under NY Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.58, offenses defined...

Expungement vs. Sealing. What is the difference?

Sealing vs. Expungement in New York State. A criminal record can cause serious damage to your career, reputation, future earnings, travel ability, and access to professional licenses. In addition, background checks are becoming more popular and easier to access...


Chris Brown is a Former Prosecutor in Broome County NY. Chris has litigated hundreds of cases in almost every County in New York State.  

Chris not only has the trial experience, but he knows the law and has the ability to fight for maximum awards by utilizing current Statutes and Caselaw. In the toughest of cases, Chris will go the extra mile to obtain the extra ordinary results we expect for our clients.

For Personal Injury, car & motorcycle accidents, dog bites, criminal charges, or DWI allegations – call Chris Brown to put the best lawyer on your side.

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