If you have have been hurt or severely injured as a passenger in a vehicle, you can pursue a personal injury case.

Car Accident Lawyer

So where do you go? What do you do? Who do you contact?

New York State is a No-Fault Insurance State. This means that each driver’s (and their passengers) auto policy will cover medical expenses regardless of who was actually at fault. No-Fault for car crashes does have time limitations. So it is very important to contact immediately contact a car accident lawyer or your insurance provider (or the driver’s) as soon as possible.

This means that passengers riding in a vehicle can recover No-Fault through the insurance policy of the vehicle they were riding within. But what if you have serious Injury? Then you can make a claim against the at-fault driver directly.

If you received serious injury you can sue for damages such as pain and suffering, in addition to your medical fees. The definition of “serious injury” is very complicated legally which is why you should contact an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

The Bottom Line is every passenger does qualify for No-Fault for their injuries and maybe more depending on the extent of their car crash injury in New York State.

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