Recent legislation in New York does allow you to finally seal DWI “Driving While Intoxicated” conviction. DWI convictions can show up on background checks costing you valuable life opportunities. There are certain eligibiltity requirements discussed here.
Sealing DWI Convictions in New York – 10 Year Rule
In 2017 New York State passed legislation to allow certain offenders to seal convictions – after 10+ years. This “sealing” means that the general public will not have access to your conviction or underlying court record. Certain agencies, however, including Child Protective Services and the FBI still have access to your complete records. This means that if you apply for a pistol permit or purchase a firearm, the underlying offense will always be accessible.
Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to the 10 year rule. Trust me, we have tried…

The New Sealing Law Can Seal Both a Misdemeanor DWI and a Felony DWI

Under the new sealing statute NYS CPL section 160.59 a person living with criminal convictions can seal up to two of them. The new law allows you to seal up to two DWI convictions. This could be two separate DWI misdemeanor convictions or one misdemeanor conviction and one felony conviction.

The Sealing Applications Require Disclosure of Compliance

The Sealing Applications require that you disclose your court record and history of compliance. This is something that your Attorney should do to give you the best chance of sealing your record(s).This is because CPL 160.59 (7) allows the Judge to review any relevant and applicable information regarding your application.

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Attorney Christopher Brown is a former prosecutor now focusing on DWI Law, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury cases in New York State.