Chris Brown Law provides our clients with divorce assistance in the Southern Tier, New York region. Whether you are contemplating a divorce or separation, or if the dissolution of the marriage has already started, we will skillfully and compassionately handle the myriad issues that must be addressed.

Broome County Divorce Lawyers

The first task is determining the appropriate grounds for divorce. Property division, asset allocation and distribution of debts are also complicated legal matters best journeyed with Chris Brown Law.

Why You Need A Divorce Attorney

Although we are well versed in the case law and statutes that govern divorce, New York Courts have wide latitude when dividing marital property in divorce. How you describe your property, its value and your economic needs will all be considered by a Judge in deciding an equitable and just outcome. For this reason, it is vital to retain an experienced divorce lawyer.

On Your Side

Chris Brown Law will carefully review the facts of your case, create a comprehensive case management strategy on your behalf and help explain the facts of your case in a manner that promotes a positive result – whether your case is resolved by agreement or at trial. Alleviate the stress by calling today.

When your divorce involves child custody, visitation, or domestic violence, our family law practice can help protect these innocent bystanders. Chris Brown Law is a steady hand in emotionally charged times.