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Cell Phone Tickets have serious consequences.  Put a former prosecutor on your team.

“I retained Christopher Brown for my DWI Charge in Binghamton. Chris did a great job with my case and I was able to avoid a DUI conviction.

-Brian L., Client 

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Experience to Fight Your Case

Chris Brown has handled thousands of traffic tickets in New York State. His experience in the Courtroom and knowledge of the law is your advantage in avoiding the potential penalties:

Cell Phone Tickets convictions carry 5 Points.  

Fines:  A first conviction carries a fine of $50-$150 with a $93 court surcharge.


VTL 1225(c) Use of Mobile Telephone

VTL 1225 (d) Use of Electronic Device


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Relax. We Can Help. 

Cell Phone Tickets carry harsh penalties and can end up costing you thousands of dollars between fines, surcharges, insurance costs, and missed work.

This is where we come in… We will go to court for you and personally work with the Assistant District Attorney and Judge to reduce or eliminate the possible points and fines. 

We fight every ticket from every angle. Every driver has the right to due process and right to be heard in Court. Attorney Chris Brown has successfully handled hundreds of Cell Phone Tickets in plea agreements and traffic trials.


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