If you or loved one was injured in a car accident in New York State, here’s what you need to do:

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents do cause serious injuries. Follow these rules to make sure you receive the maximum awards against the insurance companies.

1. Contact the Police and make a report. Call 911 immediately after a car crash to get the police and ambulance team to the scene.

2. Gather insurance information. Collect the other driver’s name, insurance information, and license plate.

3. Record Witness Information. Collect the names and addresses of all witnesses to the crash. This is important because a key witness could make your case!

4. See a Doctor for your injuries. Go to the Doctor’s office as soon as possible to treat your injuries.

5. Report the accident to your insurance company.

6. Work with your Insurance Company. Continue cooperating with your insurance company and provide your lawyer & insurance with all medical bills.

7. Get a Lawyer. Do not talk to the other parties insurance company without the assistance of a lawyer.

8. Take pictures of all injuries on a weekly basis and document your healing.

9. Take pictures of the vehicles exterior and interior.

10. Consult with an attorney experienced in the practice of personal injury and injury law before you attempt to recover your losses.