Traffic Tickets happen to everyone. Whether you got caught for speeding, failing to signal, were involved in an accident, or even got a ticket for making an illegal U-Turn on the highway (everyone’s done it), a good traffic lawyer can save you time and money.

Traffic Lawyer

The Benefit of a Traffic Lawyer on your side.

Many tickets, especially serious tickets such unlicensed operation, involve high fines, surcharges, and even license suspensions. In addition, if you accrue over 11 points in an 18-month time period you can be subject to a license suspension.

As an experienced traffic lawyer, Chris Brown can identify the best route to take it for you. This involves tactful plea negotiations and the ability to identify flaw within the case to use them for your advantage.

What is Our Goal?

For every ticket and every case our goal is a dismissal of the traffic ticket. In Upstate New York and especially in the Binghamton area, outright dismissals for traffic tickets are uncommon, but a great plea deal is almost guaranteed.

We Reduce Points, Fines, Surcharges and Save You Time.

By plea deal or “plea agreement” we mean negotiating a certain lower penalty for a ticket. For example, we have client’s who are routinely charged with multiple tickets, such as speeding, expired inspection, and failure to use turn signal. For such a case, the exposure for points and fines is extremely high and could even result in a license suspension from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

For such a case, Chris is very successful is reducing the damage to a minimal fine and very few points, if any. This resolution is also of great importance because of the consequences for your insurance. For any ticket, your insurance rates can increase short-term, but also for years to come….even 1 ticket for speeding can cause a 25% short-term increase in your insurance.

Traffic Diversion Programs.

Recently, many of the local District Attorney’s Offices are offering what’s commonly called a Traffic Diversion Program. These programs typically require a traffic safety course and fee, but then the ticket is dismissed. This means no points and it is likely that your insurance company will never find out.

If eligible, we can assist you in registering for a traffic diversion program in your County and make sure that your ticket is dismissed.

Ticket Costs vs. the Cost of an Attorney

How do you determine whether or not hiring an attorney to represent you in court is really worth it? You’ll need to decide if you believe the fee is going to be worth it for the chance to possibly avoid the ticket’s penalties, of course.

Everyone knows that, well, lawyers aren’t exactly cheap. When speaking with a lawyer, ask about their fees first.

Once you have an answer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I handle getting these points on my license without having it suspended?
  • Is the attorney’s fee greater than the traffic ticket fine?
  • How much is my car insurance going to increase?

Contact your car insurance agent to get an idea of how your rate is going to increase. Once you’ve answered these questions, whether or not you need an attorney will be clear.  Aside from the obvious penalties for traffic tickets, a traffic lawyer can save hours of your time.

How to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Below are a few important considerations to make when hiring a traffic attorney:

Their Location

Hiring an attorney local to your area is best because they’ll be very familiar with it. We handle tickets throughout Upstate NY but commonly appear in local courts around Broome County, Tioga County, Delaware County, Cortland County, and Chemung County.  Chris Brown Law has successfully handled thousands of traffic tickets within these Counties.

Chris Brown is an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury lawyer with Offices in Binghamton, New York. Chris Brown represents good people who have been charged with offenses throughout Upstate, NY. Contact us today at (607) 988-3131 to see how we can help you win your case.