Petit Larceny aka “Shoplifting” is one of the most common criminal allegations in and around Binghamton, NY. Given the large amount of local strip malls and shops, we see this charged almost every other day.  Here is the information you need to know if you or a loved one was picked up for this offense.

Petit Larceny is covered under Penal Law Section 155.25. In short, someone can be charged with Petit Larceny for stealing property from another (or business) under the value of $1,000.00. The penalties for Petit Larceny can range from 1 Year in County Jail to 3 years of probation, or a combination of both. This is why any allegation of Petit Larceny should be taken seriously. (Although, these punishments are rare for first time offenders, the bigger issue is avoiding a criminal record altogether. This is because any criminal conviction will show up on a future background check and could affect future employment.)

This is why it is important to consult with a local lawyer regarding your Petit Larceny charges. As a Former Prosecutor, I can tell you for certain that each case is assessed individually, and therefore, each case is not treated equally. I’ve seen first-time offenders get there case dismissed. I’ve also seen first-time offenders get a criminal conviction for a Petit Larceny.

This is why you need to protect your record and avoid the conviction. We use several methods to obtain the best results for our clients. One of those methods is negotiating for an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. An Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal or “ACD”. If an alleged offender is lucky enough to receive such a disposition it is usually worth taking because the case will be dismissed after good behavior for 6 months.

Other methods include, gaining the requisite evidence to exonerate completely, filing motions to suppress certain evidence, or even requesting a jury trial.

Remember that we can always help. No matter how big or small the allegations may seem, our experience in this field is your advantage.

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