Sealing vs. Expungement in New York State.

Seal Criminal Record. Chris Brown Law.

A criminal record can cause serious damage to your career, reputation, future earnings, travel ability, and access to professional licenses. In addition, background checks are becoming more popular and easier to access online.

This is why maintaining a clean record is critical. If you have a criminal conviction in New York, you should seriously consider sealing your history under New York State’s Criminal Procedure Law.

In New York State we do now have conditional sealing. This means that your record, if eligible, will be sealed from the general public under NY CPL 160.59 or CPL 160.58.

Unlike expungement, which is offered in any States, New York does not completely destroy all record of the conviction. The conviction is still accessible to certain agencies including Child Protective Services, Police and Prosecution Agencies, and any authority related to selling weapons and weapons licenses.

The law can be very complex, but at it’s core, New York allows up to two “2” separate convictions to be sealed under certain conditions. Many drug convictions can be sealed and many other non-violent criminal convictions can be sealed that are +10 years or older.

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