Surprisingly less than 1% of people (with eligible convictions) have taken advantage of sealing the record.

Sealing Criminal Record NY. Chris Brown Law, Binghamton.

New York State’s Criminal Justice Records show that less than 1% of people eligible to seal their criminal record have done so. The recent law, passed in 2017, allowed as many as 500,000 people to seal their criminal record and hide their blemish from public view. Fewer than 800 people with criminal records successfully had their convictions sealed since a New York State law giving nonviolent offenders a second chance went into effect — less than 1% of eligible applicants, data shows.

Our client’s who have successfully completed the sealing process have described the experience as life-changing. Many have since gone back to school and even received new job offers – largely in part to their new found resume and background(which lacks a criminal record).

One of our more recent clients had his criminal record seal pursuant to CPL 160.59. This client told us that at first he wasn’t interested in clearing his record because New York’s Law is not a full “expungement”, but then he learned that his criminal record was visible online…and we could make it disappear.  Nearly 45 days after this client contacted Chris Brown, he had his criminal record sealed and no longer visible to the general public.

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