Seal your conviction for a possession of a Controlled Substance or Marijuana in New York.

Seal Drug Conviction

Aside from the “10 Year Sealing Statute” that NY State now offers, drug convictions can be sealed another way. Under NY Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.58, offenses defined under Penal Law 220(Controlled Substance Offenses) and Penal Law 221 (Marijuana Offenses) are eligible for sealing under certain conditions.

These certain conditions include the successful completion of the sentence imposed by your offense or drug treatment program. This includes, among others, successfully completing your probation sentence with drug/alcohol conditions or graduating from Drug Court.

Once we determine your eligibility, we can then start the process to seal your conviction. This process involves gathering all the required documents, serving the District Attorney with Notice and Application, and then petitioning the sentencing Court for sealing. We have seen this process take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. In certain circumstances, the District Attorney or the Court can schedule a hearing to review factual circumstances.

It is important to note that your application will denied if you have any pending criminal charges. In addition, your sealed conviction can be unsealed with a new criminal conviction in the future.

Once the process is complete, the sentencing court will provide you a Certificate for proof of sealing. At this point, your history is hidden from the general public and only a few government agencies will have access to your sealed history.

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