Many drug convictions and other convictions over 10 years old can be sealed. See if you are eligible today.

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“Attorney Chris Brown worked with me to clean my record before accepting a new job. Chris was excellent. He was on top of my case from Day 1 and got the job done!

-Ethan C., Client

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Our Client's Say the Best Things

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“We have been sealing records since our laws have changed and worked with people just like you all over the world to clear a blemish from their past including teachers, musicians, and even celebrities. Call us today to see what we can do for you and your future!”

-Attorney Christopher Brown

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Seal your Criminal Record in New York

If you have stayed out of the criminal system you may be eligible to seal your conviction and open opportunity and your full potential. See why Attorney Chris Brown has hundreds of great reviews for helping people just like you.

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Drug Convictions and Many Convictions 10+ Years Older Can Be Sealed in New York


Attorney Chris Brown started sealing criminal convictions in New York the day the new legislation was passed in October of 2017. 

Chris has seen every case and overcome every hurdle in the process with his vast experience in criminal law and criminal courts. Chris’ experience is your advantage in this process. If your criminal record is holding you back, Chris Brown Law can help individuals with limited convictions seal their adult conviction record under New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59 and Section 160.58, so that you erase any blemishes from the public view. 

Contact Chris at (607) 988-3131 to Start Sealing Your Case Today

Here is How the Process Works:

1. Call or Contact Us to see if you are eligible to have your record sealed. 
Contact us to discuss sealing your criminal record. If you meet certain criteria, we can help you remove up to 2 criminal convictions. 
We will get right back to you with answers concerning your eligibility.
2. If Your Are Eligible we can start as soon as you are Ready!
We will discuss our sealing plan with you and any time limitations we may be facing. As soon as you are ready we can start the process and open your file. 
3. We Will Seal Your Record.
After the sealing process is done, which typically takes around 30-60 days, we will send you verification of your sealed record(s) and you can continue living your best life without the fear of any past record!
We are constantly open to communication with you and will provide any important updates as they come.
4. If your not eligible, all is not lost.
You may nonetheless be entitled to relief in the form of Certificates of Relief from Disabilities & Certificates of Good Conduct, which are other legal vehicles that create a presumption of rehabilitation and can restore some rights and privileges that were forfeited because of a criminal record. 
Do not let your past convictions get in the way of leading the life you want to live. Seal your New York criminal record or minimize the collateral damages of a conviction by calling Chris Brown Law. 

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Relax. We Can Help. 


Criminal convictions will stay with you for the rest of your life…this can lead to future job implications and worse.

This is where we come in…We will go to work you and personally work with the District Attorney and Judge to eliminate any eligible convictions. 

Attorney Chris Brown has a proven track and successfully sealed convictions in several New York State Town, Village, and County Courts.


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