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Any convictions can carry harsh consequences. Put a Former Prosecutor on your team.

“Christopher Brown helped me with my son’s disorderly conduct case at Binghamton University. Student who made a mistake. We are glad we chose Chris!”

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Representing College Students Charged With Crimes in Binghamton, New York

Attorney Christopher Brown has defended hundreds of College Students across New York State. From Binghamton University, to Broome Community College, to SUNY Broome and SUNY Cortland…Attorney Brown’s success is statewide. Chris Brown Law is conveniently located in Vestal, New York. 

Protecting Your Future 

Any criminal allegation can carry serious and life long consequences. This is why it so important to obtain aggressive and expert legal representation to gain the best outcome possible. Some of the various offenses we see college students charged with frequently include:

What may seem like a minor inconvenience can become a big problem if you do not have all the facts. For example, many drug crimes convictions, even a simple Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, can result in you or your child being unable to obtain future financial aid or government subsidized student loans for school. They could also be suspended or expelled depending upon the nature of the offense. Do not discuss your case with anyone until you have a skilled attorney on your side.

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Protecting your future is the important aspect of any case involving a student. This is why we investigate every aspect of your case to obtain the best resolution possible. Attorney Chris Brown has defended hundreds of College Students charged with crimes. 


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Chris Brown is a Former Prosecutor so he has both prosecuted and defended hundreds of Cases in almost every County in New York State.Chris knows the law on Sealing Convictions and has the experience and knowledge necessary to clean your record.In the toughest of cases, Chris has gone the extra mile to obtain the great results on tough cases.

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Criminal Convictions in New York State can carry serious consequences including fines and jail time.

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