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“I retained Christopher Brown for my DWI Charge in Binghamton. Chris did a great job with my case and I was able to avoid a DUI conviction.

-Brian L., Client 

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Legal Advice: Car Accident Injury

If you or loved one was injured in a car accident in New York State, here's what you need to do: Car accidents and motorcycle accidents do cause serious injuries. Follow these rules to make sure you receive the maximum awards against the insurance companies....

Get Your Money After a Car Injury

CAR INJURIES AFTER AN ACCIDENT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Here's what you need to do after a car crash. 1. WRITE DOWN YOUR RECOLLECTION OF WHAT HAPPENED. Shortly after the accident, everything is fresh in your mind. But with each passing day, your memory of the events...

Passengers Injured in a Car Crash: How to Handle

If you have have been hurt or severely injured as a passenger in a vehicle, you can pursue a personal injury case. So where do you go? What do you do? Who do you contact? New York State is a No-Fault Insurance State. This means that each driver's (and their...

Hit by a Drunk Driver? Here’s How to Sue for Your Injuries

Unfortunately DWI accidents injure people. If a drunk driver hit your vehicle here is what you need to know. If you were hit by a drunk driver in New York it will likely assist your case in receiving compensation for any injury you sustained. It is obvious that all...

New Personal Injury Discovery Laws.

Discovery is constantly changing in many areas of law. Recently, it hinges on Social Media and new Technology. As we all know almost everything is video recorded or posted online these days, now (most of it) it officially makes its way to the court room. If you are...

New York Decriminalizes Recreational Marijuana Possession. Expands Law on Sealing

Today, New York State made a major jump towards the legalization of marijuana by decriminalizing recreational marijuana use and possession. This means that simple possession, less than 2 ounces, will only result in an appearance ticket and a violation level offense,...

When to report a car accident: Answered by a New York Personal Injury Attorney

Like many others in the Southern Tier, we enjoyed the July 4th extravaganza at Highland Park this year and parking spaces were tight. In the exodus after the fireworks, we witnessed a car bump the back end of another parked vehicle ahead that was unoccupied, drawing a...

DWI Breath Test Answers. Should You Take the Breath Test?

Should I take the DWI Breath Test? I'd Say Don't Refuse Unless You Want To Lose Your License It's happens to many good people. They were unexpectdly pulled over the police, asked out of the vehicle, and asked to take the DWI Breath Test. Many believe that refusing the...

Motorcycle Injuries & Maximum Compensation.

Motorcycles are the most exhilarated method of transportation in New York State, but they can also be the most dangerous- at no fault to the operator. If you were injured on a motorcycle, here are the questions you should be asking: WHAT TYPE OF INJURIES CAN I OBTAIN...

DWI Breath Test: Consequences of Refusing.

Refusing the Breath Test in New York State after a DWI arrest can cause serious licensing sanctions. Attorney Chris Brown, an experienced NY State DWI Lawyer, can help you protect your rights through the court processes. Under New York State Law you essentially agree...


Chris Brown is a Former Prosecutor in Broome County NY. Chris has litigated hundreds of cases in almost every County in New York State.  

Chris not only has the trial experience, but he knows the law and has the ability to fight for maximum awards by utilizing current Statutes and Caselaw. In the toughest of cases, Chris will go the extra mile to obtain the extra ordinary results we expect for our clients.

For Personal Injury, car & motorcycle accidents, dog bites, criminal charges, or DWI allegations – call Chris Brown to put the best lawyer on your side.

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